The procedure of the doctoral dissertation defense

Student registers the diploma work topic to the Doctoral studies Collegium.

Student registers the diploma work topic to the Scientific-Educational Council. The application form of the topic can be obtained in dean's office.

Required documents:

  • Application form
  • Short professional biography
  • List of scientific papers
  • Photocopy of undergraduate diploma
  • Photocopy of the index of doctoral studies

Council determines the committee for assessing the fulfillment of conditions and the reasonableness of the proposed topics for the doctoral dissertation.

The Commission writes a report on the subject and submitted gaNastavno-science more, which, if adopted by the report, determines the candidate mentor

The same report is sent to the adoption of the Chamber of natural scientific fields of mathematical sciences at the University of Belgrade, which approves the candidate beginning work on his doctoral dissertation

Since the positive opinion of the University Council starts a period of 5 years in which the candidate is obligated to defend the thesis

When the candidate finishes writing the dissertation, submitted NNV-in request to be determined by the Commission for review and assessment of dissertations, a dean's office submits a copy made dissertations

The Commission writes a report on the thesis that is put to the public 30 days, after which time it sends the Scientific-Educational greater adoption

Scientific-Educational Council adopts the report and determines the candidate committee for the defense of dissertation

Commission report on the dissertation is then submitted to the University to greater approval, approved candidate dissertation defense

Cost management and defense of doctoral dissertations have 58,000 dinars, shall be paid into the bank account of physics no. 840-1984666-87, and proof of payment should be submitted to the dean's office when scheduling the defense.